Terms Of Service

Effective Date: July 29, 2015



With your membership, you receive a number of benefits, subject to the terms and conditions below:

  • 10% Cash Back
  • Coupons
  • Shipping Refunds
  • Free Return Shipping via FedEx Ground®
  • Unlimited access to Boundless Student
  • Discounted MovieTickets.com Electronic Gift Cards


Members can enjoy 10% cash back on purchases made at ValoreBooks and at over 1,000 participating online retailers on ValoreVIP.com, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • For a purchase to be eligible for 10% cash back, you must follow the links provided on the ValoreVIP.com website, successfully connect to the participating retailer's site based on that click, and complete the "qualifying purchase" during the same session immediately following your initial click-through to the participating retailer's site. Failure to do so will result in your purchase being ineligible.
  • To qualify for 10% cash back, purchases must be made through U.S.-based websites (which use .com extensions); purchases made through Canadian websites (which use .ca extensions) or other domains associated with a non-U.S. country do not qualify for 10% cash back. Please note that if you choose to have your purchase shipped to Canada, you may be re-directed to the retailer's .ca site, in which case your purchase will not be eligible for 10% cash back.

Please be aware of the following guidelines for cash-back qualifying purchases:

  • ValoreVIP.com obtains all of your cash-back purchase data via our participating retailer network. We determine, at our sole discretion, whether or not a purchase made through a ValoreVIP.com participating retailer qualifies for cash back. We reserve the right to deem a purchase ineligible for cash back if a participating retailer fails to report a transaction to ValoreVIP.com or if it withholds payment to us for any reason.
  • If ValoreVIP.com has any reason to suspect that your account is associated with fraudulent activity or in violation of these Terms or any law, we reserve the right to delay or withhold cash-back payment(s). By accessing your ValoreVIP.com benefits, you give ValoreVIP.com permission to review your account with participating retailers whenever we suspect fraudulent or inappropriate activity.
  • Please note that there are a variety of reasons why a participating retailer may not report a purchase to us, including but not limited to the following actions on your part:
    • You go directly to the retailer’s website without using ValoreVIP.com links.
    • You complete multiple transactions without returning to our website.
    • You contact a participating store to change, cancel, or return an order.
    • You fail to abide by the restrictions imposed by a participating retailer.
    • You click on a participating retailer’s link from a different website, thereby causing the purchase credit to be applied to the wrong website.
    • You have multiple tabs open for the same participating retailer, and your purchase is made on a page other than the one you opened by clicking on a ValoreVIP.com link.
    • You make several purchases across multiple brand retailers while using a single shopping cart provided by a "parent" company to these various brands. (To be eligible for 10% cash back, you can only make purchases at one retailer at a time when shopping through our links.)
    • You type a new address (URL) in the window that opened when you clicked on a ValoreVIP.com participating retailer link.

Any of these actions would make your purchase ineligible for 10% cash back.

  • Orders that are returned will not be eligible for 10% cash back.
  • Any order that is deemed a high-volume/reseller order, in ValoreVIP.com’s sole discretion, will not be eligible for 10% cash back. ValoreVIP.com membership benefits are only available to personal, non-commercial purchasers.
  • Purchases of gift cards and/or e-gift cards are not eligible for 10% cash back.
  • Purchases that are paid for with gift cards, store credit, or store “cash” are not eligible for 10% cash back.
  • Purchases that are "shipped to store" are not eligible for 10% cash back. To qualify for 10% cash back, your purchase must be shipped to a residential, non-retail location.
  • Purchases of Apple products are not eligible for 10% cash back.
  • You can earn up to a maximum of $1,000 through the 10% cash-back offer each membership year.
  • The 10% cash-back offer is applied to the sub-total amount you pay for a qualifying purchase, not including taxes and other charges. If your purchase price is reduced by a retailer's discount(s) or other offer(s), the 10% cash-back offer will be calculated using the final amount you paid after all discounts were applied.
  • Your 10% cash back for any single qualifying purchase will be credited to your Savings Center account after we receive notification of your purchase from the retailer. Notification typically takes up to 7 business days, but it can take longer if the item you've purchased is on back-order. You have 30 days from date of purchase to contact us regarding any missing purchases from the Savings Center. You can review the status of any cash-back purchase at any time via your Savings Center account.
  • As long as you're eligible, you will receive a 10% cash-back credit to your credit/debit card on file with ValoreVIP.  Cash back is paid every three months of the calendar year, not your membership year. The credit will cover the total amount of 10% cash back you've earned in that quarter of the calendar year. Not all card issuers are equipped to receive statement credits.  If we are not able to issue the refund we will send a rebate check to the billing address on file with ValoreVIP. Please allow 2-3 weeks after the end of each quarter to process your payment. Approximate payment dates are as follows:

Purchase Period

Estimated Payment Date

Jan 1 - Mar 31

Apr 15

Apr 1 - June 30

July 15

July 1 - Sept 30

Oct 15

Oct 1 - Dec 31

Jan 15

  • As long as you make your qualifying purchase(s) while you're an active member of ValoreVIP.com, you can still earn 10% cash back on your purchase(s), even if you cancel your membership after your purchase(s).


Members can take advantage of our exclusive coupons for over 1,000 online retailers to save on shipping costs and/or receive additional savings on purchases made through the ValoreVIP.com website at our participating retailers, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • For a purchase to be eligible for instant free shipping, you must follow the specific link provided. Purchases made at a retailer that were not initiated via a link from our website will not be honored.
  • Some instant free shipping and discount offers may require the use of an exclusive coupon code to be entered during the checkout process.
  • A retailer's status as an instant free shipping retailer may change without notice.
  • Instant free shipping offers will vary, and they may not include shipping method upgrades, handling charges, insurance, or any other shipment-related charges.
  • Coupon offer expiration dates will vary and are subject to change without notice.
  • Certain restrictions may apply to coupon offers; these restrictions are displayed when the "Visit Store" button on the specific retailer's coupon is clicked.


Members can receive refunds for the shipping costs incurred on purchases made while shopping at over 1,000 retailers through the ValoreVIP.com website. Refund claims are subject to the following terms and procedures:

  • For a purchase to be eligible for a shipping refund, you must follow a retailer's link on ValoreVIP.com. Purchases that were not initiated via links from our website will not be eligible for shipping refunds. Eligible purchases will appear in the "Shopping History" dropdown menu of the Shipping Refunds form under the "Shipping Refunds" tab.
  • Only purchases made at the online retailers listed in the ValoreVIP.com directory are eligible for refunds.
  • You must provide valid proof of the shipping and handling charges you paid by including a copy of either the order confirmation, the original sales receipt, or a packing slip displaying the price, retailer information, shipping charges, and sales date with your claim.
  • A retailer's status as a participant of ValoreVIP.com's network may change without notice.
  • Claims must be made (and documentation received) within 30 days of the date of purchase.
  • Up to $10 can be claimed per order; there is a $500 maximum per membership year.
  • Duplicate claims are not allowed.
  • Only one claim per order is eligible for a shipping rebate.
  • Up to twelve claims per retailer per membership year are allowed.
  • Claims cannot be made on orders that have been cancelled.
  • For a purchase to be eligible for a shipping rebate, you must be an active member when you make the purchase.
  • A copy of the order confirmation, original sales receipt, or packing slip with the price, retailer information, shipping and handling charges, billing address, and sales date must be provided.
  • You must complete and submit the claim form found under the "Shipping Refunds" tab on this site and send the required documentation to Refunds@ValoreVIP.com or to the following address:

    ValoreVIP Refunds
    PO Box 290728
    Wethersfield, CT 06129-0728

  • Upon receipt of your claim form and the required documentation, we will enter your shipping refund claim in your Savings Center account; please allow 5-7 business days for documents submitted by regular mail. You can review the status of any completed rebate claim at any time via your Savings Center account.
  • Upon receipt and subject to verification, we will credit your shipping refund back to the credit/debit card on file with ValoreVIP as soon as possible, but please allow 3 to 6 weeks for processing.  Not all card issuers are equipped to receive statement credits.  If we are not able to issue the refund we will send a rebate check to the billing address on file with ValoreVIP. 

REFUND OFFERS: All refund offers are only good in the U.S. and Canada. This offer is void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law. ValoreVIP.com is not responsible for lost, postage-due, stolen, illegible, garbled, or misdirected mail. Keep copies of all materials submitted; materials received become the property of ValoreVIP.com and will not be returned. Only one introductory offer can be claimed per household.

WARNING: Fraudulent submission of refund claims could result in federal prosecution under U.S. Mail Fraud Statutes. It is your responsibility to immediately notify ValoreVIP.com of any changes, errors, or cancelled orders once a rebate claim has been submitted. Failure to do so may result in the termination of your membership.


For all purchases you make while a member of ValoreVIP.com, if you need to return the item for any reason, you're eligible for free return shipping via FedEx Ground, subject to the following terms and procedures.

To claim free return shipping via FedEx Ground, you must:

  • Complete the "Print a Label" form on the ValoreVIP.com website in its entirety;
  • Print out the return shipping label upon completion of the form;
  • Properly package the item you wish to return;
  • Securely fasten the printed label to that package; and
  • Drop off your labeled package at any one of more than 1,800 FedEx Office® locations and 5,800 FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® locations nationwide to have the package shipped. (You can click the “FedEx Store Finder” link in the “Return Center” tab to find FedEx Office and FedEx Authorized ShipCenter locations in your area.)

    To qualify for free return shipping via FedEx Ground:

  • Your return shipment must be sent while you are an active ValoreVIP.com subscriber.
  • Your return shipment must be within the maximum size and weight limits established by FedEx Ground. Please note that FedEx Ground will not ship any packages that exceed:

    • 150 pounds in weight;
    • 108 inches in length; and/or
    • 165 inches in length + girth

To calculate "length + girth," measure the length, width, and height of the package in inches (the longest side of the package is its length). Multiply the width by 2; multiply the height by 2; and add those totals to the length (L + G = L + 2W + 2H).

Please click here for more information about FedEx packaging guidelines.

  • Only one return shipment per qualifying purchase is eligible for free return shipping.
  • Your return shipment must be sent to a valid commercial address in the 48 contiguous United States. Return shipments sent to residential addresses, P.O. boxes, or other non-commercial locations do not qualify for free return shipping via FedEx Ground.
  • You must reside in the 48 contiguous United States. Free return shipping via FedEx Ground is not available to subscribers who reside in Alaska or Hawaii, nor is it available to residents of Iowa or Canada.

    Please note that ValoreVIP.com offers savings only on FedEx Ground shipping charges. We do not offer savings on expedited delivery services; insurance coverage for the return shipment; any restocking or other fees that a retailer may apply; or any other services or features, such as declared value, surcharges, premiums, accessorial charges, or special handling fees for the return shipment. Please note that some retailers place shipping and other restrictions on certain products; you'll need to check that individual retailer's website to ensure that it accepts returns of your purchased product.

Also, please note that ValoreVIP.com only offers savings on FedEx Ground return shipping charges; we do not and cannot guarantee that you'll qualify for or receive a refund on your purchase from the retailer. In order to qualify for a purchase refund from a specific retailer, you must comply with that retailer's refund policy and procedures.


You are eligible to set up and receive unlimited Student access to Boundless.com as long as you are an active member of ValoreVIP subject to the following terms and procedures:

  • You must activate your Boundless benefit by taking the following actions:
    • You must click through the link on ValoreVIP.com or related emails to access the exclusive ValoreVIP sign-up page.
    • Set up a username and password to access Boundless.com
  • The information used to set up your Boundless benefit must match the information in your ValoreVIP profile, including first name, last name, email address and mailing address.
  • Access to Boundless resources will be available at no additional cost as long as you are an active ValoreVIP member.
  • Access will be removed when your membership to ValoreVIP is terminated.
  • The benefit does not apply to Educator level access to Boundless.com


You are eligible to purchase discounted electronic gift card codes for MovieTickets.com, subject to the following terms and procedures:

  • You must purchase the electronic gift card codes directly through ValoreVIP.com
  • Codes will be delivered on your screen at the end of checkout and also delivered via email.
  • To redeem, visit www.movietickets.com or branded MovieTickets.com mobile sites/apps, and enter the code during the checkout process for desired theatre and showtime.
  • The eGift card codes are usable up to the balance to buy movie tickets only at www.movietickets.com and solely branded MovieTickets.com mobile sites/apps for participating theaters only (found at www.movietickets.com/giftcards).
  • The eGift card is not a credit or debit card
  • The eGift card cannot be used to purchase gift cards.
  • The eGift card is not redeemable for cash in New Jersey, or for cash in any other state unless the state requires cash redemption.
  • The eGift card is not reloadable
  • Safeguard this eGift card.  It will not be replaced or replenished if lost or stolen or used without authorization
  • MovieTickets.com is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged codes or unauthorized use of codes.
  • CARDCO CI, Inc. is the eGift card issuer and sole obligor to eGift card owner. 
  • Use or acceptance of the electronic gift card code constitutes acceptance of these terms. Inquires: Visit visit www.movietickets.com/giftcards or call 1-877-428-9804.
  • There is a limit 6 codes per member per month.